AT-800 & AT-803 safety lamp is designed for highly demanding working conditions with ATEX Explosive proof approval.

It is built with a high power LED and powered by a light and high capacity Lithium Ion battery, with max. 20 hours lighting time.

The direction of light beam is adjustable at various angles to suit specific needs at various angles in working environment.

The enclosure of the lamp is made of tough, high heat resistant, anti electric- static charge industrial plastic resin. It is equipped with tough and tempered transparent glass, and the glass protection is capable of withstanding knock with excellent impact strength.

The strength and dimensional stability of the lamp are further enhanced with rugged design for tough work environment.

AT-800 & AT-803 is easily operated with one switch that turns on/off light and it can be set in power save mode for the critical working conditions where longer lighting time is a must or battery capacity is low. The length of lighting time is increased when the power save mode is activated with the same switch. There is low battery capacity warning indication and auto illumination turn-on function in event of power outage.


High Quality Lithium Battery

with Auto Turn on upon power failure

Designed from Germany with worldwide pantented

PL-AT-800 (Zone 1 & 2)

PL-AT-803 (Zone 0 & 1)